Dance performance group


 Walkwoman — or how to occupy an urban territory in the time frame of some undisciplined dancing.


Walkwoman wants to take dancing into the street, to bring dance to people who would normally never think of going to a dance performance in a theatre and even the less think of themselves as a dancer. 


We perform for the passers-by. Our challenge: to invite them to join in. Our appearance is silent since all of us are wearing headphones. Body energy communicates the pleasure of dancing, and when people stop to look we offer them headphones to discover the music. An intimacy is created, within the distance of the length of the headphone lead. When they feel for it, they join us and dance, becoming part of the performance, sometimes even taking over it. 

The perception of hectic city life has been altered, routine has been broken.

At the end of the performance, the music comes out in loudspeakers for everybody to enjoy. 


Moving around in the city, we often isolate ourselves with our mobile phones, MP3 players and headphones. Walkwoman uses these materials to do the opposite: to create curiosity and connections.



We want women and men to feel free to move their bodies freely as well in private as in public spaces. We want to live in a city where men and women of all ages can be together and dance.