The Scream of Silence

The Scream of the Silence


The Scream of the Silence is  a documentary theatre creation which takes as starting point the israelo-palestinian conflict and the questions it causes.


Built like a log, a travel journal based on the historical context, testimonies and our own experience on site.

We want to talk about everyday life. What’s livable, what’s unlivable. What can be found in the media, and reach France, staying an external perception. Outsider from what we see, what we hear, what you sense travelling. Encounters you make, stories that reach you. From what you see and what you don’t see.


Written, Directed and Performed

Marine Fillioud and Laure Joly



Julien Desplantes, Thomas Poncet


Technical Direction

Benjamin Martineau


2nd Price 2016 Initiation to Civic Rights and International Solidarity Education