Seconds used to be longer

Seconds used to be longer


A philosophical piece about running out of Time


Madame Mi, Madame Mo and Madame Ma are creating a show about  the idea of Time but they are late and nothing is actually ready. Thanks to all the assistants they will find  in the audience, they will manage to put the piece together.


Ephemeral architecture and an auction of precious moments, unexpected situations are arising, leaving space for existential questions such as :


How much does a minute costs?

Can you measure time with your body?

Can you give time to others?

Which time is the longest one?


The show is performed in the middle of the audience, allowing the interaction with the audience. Both body and mind are being committed!  From 4 years old.


Directing and choreography : Michaela Meschke

Performers : Marine Fillioud, Laure Joly and Michaela Meschke


Music : iTi