The Whisperers

The Whisperers // To  Chose or to decide? 


Instead of the loud "extra extra hear all about it", the Whisperers come close to you as a private messenger, creating un unexpected intimacy.

They share their questions about our society, small and big issues that needs to be highlighted. Secretly and softly, whispering. What would we dare reveal of our selves, what secrets can not be shared? What to do with the information we get, do we chose to interact or not?


The action of the performers reveal itself to the audience as you go, invisible theater becoming like a rumor, spreading quiker and quiker.

From stillness to motion, from the floor of the stage to the play house.

From the body in a state of emergency to a body in action, running. Chasing or escaping ?


Is it a confidence, an unfinished idea, a question leading to an other question? The Whisperers suggest their observations about chosing and deciding, strategies and stories. Through the questionary, the mind of the audience is put in motion.


Should one answer ?


You can find the Whisperers anywhere. Sitting next to you. On stage. Going from one to the other, slowly, intensly, to entrust you their thoughts, worries and questions about the world.




Do you lie ?

Is life really serious ?

Do you decide by yourself ? Or do you need the advice of others ?


I took a bad decision, what should I do ?


Do you have a garden ? Do you hug trees ?

Is a naked man among dressed persons choking ?

And a dressed man, among naked persons ?


Do you take more steps when you are in a hurry ?

When you walk on a soft ground, do your knees sink as much as your feet ? 


Concept  and texts by Michaela Meschke in collaboration with  Coline Bouloy, Lucile Dru, Nicolas Deconchat, Syrielle Guignard, Marine Fillioud, Laure Joly, Brieuc Le Guern, Michaela Meschke, Thibault Morin and Lucas Taïola.


Performed at Do Disturb, Palais de Tokyo, Le Salon d'art contemporaine de Montrouge, La Nuit Blanche IN 2018, Le Générateur entre autres.