Our performances

Belleville Mix

Each Walkwoman has her own style, music and dance. As they gather up together their dance becomes one. The playlist travels through hip hop and rock, inviting the audience to discover the secret music and to join the dance, as it gets crazier and faster. At the end, a classic standard, a song that everybody knows, allow the audience to join the final ball, with the music in the loudspeakers.



Duration 15 min. 


Paris Mix

The Walkwomen appears from nowhere, joining each other with a dance that advances, turns around and about the audience,  and finally settles down on an urban and ephemeral dance floor.

The dance is first small, holding back, then it gets bigger and more undisciplined. 

Movements from every day life reveals themselves and the audience can recognize familiar situations, in which it can interact and join. At the end, the music comes out loud, inviting everybody to join the dance. 


Duration 15 min.


Stockholm Mix

This is a wandering piece, a walking around piece that can travel through a small city or a parc...Different spots are being used as dance floors and in situ actions are created in which the audience can join.


Please ask for the technical rider if interested. 


Duration : 45 min (adjustable)

Private Dancer

Private dancer is a stage version with men and women.


The dancer is here like an everyday man or woman who at a certain points feels the necessity to dance. Together. In a chaotic yet dreamy way. 


This dance is an everyday life brought upside down, hanging out, meeting up, working, dancing, sleeping, then starting all over again. The movments are simple and raw, full of energy.


The intimate space is being shared with the others in order to go for a potential of the group, of the being together, so that the headphones no longer keeps us locked up in a solitary pleasure of music. 


The everyday life routine becomes a ritual, an ancient farandole is reinvented. The pace, the feets on the floor translates the hidden music.




The performers leaves the stage and goes into the audience, to share the music in the headphones. Becoming your private dancer. Unless you become the private dancer.


Please ask for the technical rider if interested. 


Duration 10 min.