Walkwoman is a group of female artists : dancers, actors, musicians and art therapists.

The relation to the others, how to establish contact without speaking, or speaking the same language is at the heart of our research. We use dance, theatre and movement to create connexions, to improve listening and to put art in the center of the community. Creativity is used to develop relationships in space in between the participants but also the architecture and the environment.


For schools of art, we can propose workshops on more specific themes, such as :

- Performing outdoors: developping skills in adaptability and presence

- Creating site specific and interactive projects

- Scores for improvisation and composition


We teach in different kind of groups, such as schools, social workers, professional dance and theatre training programs.


Teachers :

Contemporary dance :

Michaela Meschke :



Movement and body language:

Coline Bouloy  and Lucile Dru 


Theatre, performance :

Laure Joly and  Marine Fillioud 


Percussions :

Syrielle Guignard 

A hint of our workshops...

Workshops at SAVS, social living for elderly persons with physical or mental disableness.

Together we created pathways of movement that everyone could enjoy according to his or hers ability. Risk taking, engagement and letting go was un important part of the work.


We shared one of the company's choreographies with the group and the two cycles of workshops ended with us performing all together in Paris.


Workshop by Marine Fillioud and Laure Joly in collaboration with La Compagnie Bis Itinéraire and Le Ashtar Théâtre in Ramallah, April 2016.

Special thanks to l'Association Jordan Valley Solidarity. 

Improvisation and composition workshop for dancers and actors, directed by Michaela Meschke. 

Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Suède

Workshops Site specific creations for professional dancers and actors. 

Centre du ressources du danseur, Drancy.